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Microbial species - species identification

By DNA sequencing for species identification of microorganisms (bacteria identification) is more advanced than the traditional identification of biochemical identification methods. DNAsequencing of bacteria itself is not dependent on the characteristics of all species can be used. Faster than the traditional biochemical identification and accurate. I provide services, including identification of microbial species identification of bacteria and fungi 26srDNA 16srDNA identification, identification of fungal ITS. I optimized by experiment primers for more than 99% of microorganisms, identification of more than 95% success rate.

l Service Features

Primers designed to ensure the successful identification

Services easily and quickly. Can accept any form of sample

Strict operation, avoid pollution, the results of authentic

l   Help

1, the sample can take the form of fresh broth, slant medium, print medium or extract good DNA.

2, if the sample is genomic DNA, DNA concentration> 20ng/ul, the volume is greater than 20ul.

3, the identification results can generally be identified to species. Microbial database of individual species as a lack of relevant data can only be identified to genus. In case this happens, the normal charge.

4, the strain will lead to sequencing of impure sets of peaks appear, therefore, to identify the results. In case this happens, the normal charge.

Microbial species Fees:


Delivery time (days)

Price (RMB)

16srDNA partial sequence analysis



Sequence identification 16srDNA



Identification of fungi 26srDNA



Identification of fungal ITS


400 rmb


l   Our data provide customers with products and information, including:

1, DNA sequencing and sequence of the original peak map

2, microbial identification report card

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